Mixing different CBD and CBG Flowers is a great way to have the Best CBD Flower experience.

Best CBD Flower Combos

We have been mixing our premium CBG and CBD flower for some really great results.  Here are some of our best CBD Flower mixtures we have figured out.  Definaltey try your own because we find that mixing the diifferent type fo CBD Flower can really enhance yout CBD rich hemp smoking experience.

Premium Grade A CBD Flower grown by American Farmers is the best CBD flower we sell.

Here are a few links to the theraputic effects of CBD and CBG Flower

5 Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Hemp Flower?


Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Mixed with White Whale CBG Flower

This really is the Best CBD Flower combo for day time or going out usage.  Not heavy super light and very uplifting CBD / CBG smoke.

1 Part – Sour Space Candy Hemp CBD Flower

1 Part – White Whale Hemp CBG Flower

Roll a couple of these up and take with you the next time you want to take the best CBD Flower with you.  The smoke is super light, relaxing and is a great uplifting feeling from the CBD and CBD mixed together.

Both the CBD and CBG flower in these strains are really uplifting smokes and together they really produce one. of the Best CBD Flower experiences we know if you are wanting to relax but still go out and enjoy the day or night.

Definitely gives you that “Im high but not high feeling”.


CBD flower Image
Best CBG flower combo for sleep

Best CBD Flower Combo For Sleep

The Purple Afgani CBD flower mixed with just a little Sour Space Candy CBD Flower is just about perfect for bed time. 

THe Purple Afgani is one of those CBD flowers that makes you a little tired.  Mix it with some of the Sour Space Cnady and you get a great effect that makes you tired but still ge that uplifting effect of the Sour Space Candy.  This is the best CBD Flower combo we have found to put you right asleep.

You also don’t really need that much of it.  Just put a little of the Sour Space CBD with the Purple Afgani CBD flower in a bowl and smoke it.

3 Parts Purple Afgani CBD Flower

1 Part Sour Space Candy CBD Flower


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