This has potential to be a really complicated answer.  But we will keep it short.

Basically Cryptocurrency is a new way to pay for things.  Almost like a foreign currency.  Bitcoin is the most popular.  You are able to buy bitcoin electronically and send bitcoin electronically.  Bitcoins have value and like a regular or Fiat currency it changes everyday.

The technology behind Bitcoin(BTC) is called block chain.  Block chain was developed as a system of trust that is not able to be manipulated.  If you buy some BTC then the BTC block chain records that you now own that BTC.  If you send RX Theory some BTC that we t RX Theory now have that BTC.  THe transaction is recorded on what they call a Blockchain.

Blockchain is a super secure network of lots and lots of computers all making sure that our transaction is valid and you actually did mean to send us some of your bitcoin.

Imagine how credit cards sounded when the began.  Probably freaked a lot of people out. 

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How To Purchase CBD with Crypto – 3 steps

Buy Crypto

Buy Bitcoin or other Crytocurrency.  Check out for an easy way to get some Bitcoin

Send Crypto

Send us some BTC or other Alt coin equal to the price of the products you would like to purchase.   We have a super easy way to do that when you check out

Receive CBD

Once we receive the payment we mail out the amazing CBD products right away

Blockchain Explained

Blockchain is a decentralized network.  This means that it is stored on a lot of servers vs one server.  The strength of the block chain is that all of these servers all store the transaction data vs just one server.   So if one person sends BTC to another person that transaction is recored on the blockchain network and this network is updated to the thousands of computers.  Because the transaction is duplicated on thousands of computers vs one computer it is more secure.  Think about breaking one computer vs thousands.  Right now there is not enough computer power in the world to break it.

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Why Take Crypto Payments

When we started this site it was hard to find credit card processor for payments even though the product is perfectly legal. It was is pretty frustrating that the government says it is ok to have the products and science is proving that these products are really helpful but no one is legally able to accept a credit card for them.

Seems like this is what Crypto was made for.  A low cost transaction system that is outside the traditional banking system.  And it totally works.

We also found that it was super easy to accept for and pay for thing with Cryptocurrency so we wanted to give our customers options to use it.  So if you have some DOGE coin and don’t know what to do with it. … Buy some awesome CBD products!

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