USA Hemp Farmer

Made In The USA

We use 100% United States farmed and processed hemp.  All our hemp is certified complient with the 2018 Farm Bill.

We support the American Farmer.   You can tell the quality in the Hemp Smokes and Hemp Pre Rolls we sell.



Natural Hemp

100% Natural

We provide the most natural hemp produced CBD.  We are a true broad spectrum extracted naturally from the plant so you can be sure that you are getting a perfect product that has no harsh chemicals or additives. All the hemp we use is certifed Organic or produced using organic process and waiting on a USDA Organic Certification. 

Lab tested hemp

Lab Tested Quality

We ahere to the highest quality standards and test all products for quality and purity.  Our oils and topicals are made form hemp organic certified hemp in cGMP facility.  We buy the highest quality ingredients from the best companies in the business.  We do not believe in short cuts and are proud of the quality products we produce. 

Hemp Customer

Customer Commitment

We value our customers and we strive to make every single transaction an enjoyable experience.  She ship fast, include free samples of other products and are available for questions.  Our goal is to service the customer in every way we can.

Our Products are Developed - Not Purchased

Did you you know that almost half of all hemp products are private labeled from one or two large manufacturers.  No one else has our hemp blends anywhere.  You can not even buy the raw ingredient extract to recreate what we do. 

Developed by PHD and MD Scientists and Doctors

We have spend a lot of time in development and testing to get these products just right.  Our hemp extracts are full of really amazing hemp that is naturally full of CBDCBG, CBC and CBN.  The formulas we use in in both the CBD tinctures and CBD Topical products are one of a kind and have real results.

High Hemp Content and Nothing Else

Our topicals have a high hemp content which produces great CBD amounts and not much else.  Our CBD Topicals are really just a carrier oil or balm that we make from all organic and natural products.  Them we add in our super spectrum hemp formula.  Finally we add essential oils that add to the over all natural effect.

Some things you will not find in our products are Melatonin for sleep, Menthol for sore muscles.  We believe in the hemp extracts and know they work. We do not want to add any products to mask the effect that hemp provides.

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