Seems like we are studying CBD for just about everything these days. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been studied for its effects on seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep and now its effect on scalp health. Hemp and CBD oils have so many great properties and can really compliment any persons routine.

The hair shaft is made up of largely of keratin, a protein that promotes strong hair and makes it resistant to exposure to the elements. You can see it in a lot of shampoos at your local drug store with keratin in them. Keratin needs nutrients and vitamins in order to stay healthy, particularly essential fatty acids.

Hemp-derived CBD oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which is precisely what hair follicles need. Hemp-derived CBD also contains Vitamin E, which has long been associated with healthy skin and hair, as Vitamin E helps to keep hair shiny and improve scalp health. A small study suggested that it can even fight hair loss, although greater research is needed on that subject.[1]

Hair products with CBD can be helpful for people with thinning, brittle hair or a dry scalp. This is especially true for those who have damaged hair due to overprocessing.

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Those with dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, or skin inflammation on the scalp may also find CBD oil beneficial.[2] By rubbing CBD into the skin and scalp, it can promote scalp health as well as support the hair shaft. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can also help keep inflammation at bay.[3]

CBD as a supplement for hair and scalp health is still just emerging. While research in this area is in its infancy, anecdotal evidence supports the power of CBD for scalp skin conditions and healthy hair.

If you have more serious skin conditions, talk to your doctor about adding CBD as a potential option in your current treatment regimen.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


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