CBD helps athletes all over the world recover and train harder. CBD is used by weekend warriors to high profile professional sports figures 

CBD Sport

Some of the earliest adopters of CBD have been athletes.  CBD is allowed by the olympics and in every major sport including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and Football / Soccer clubs world wide.  Recognized as a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)  product by the European Union and the World Anti Doping Agency approves its use.

CBD Sports Recovery

One of the main uses of our products and CBD products in general is by training athletes.  The relief that CBD is able to provide by reducing inflammation and invigorating the ECS system receptors in your skin is unique and new in the realm of sports medicine. Recognized my many of the top athletes as a powerful treatment we welcome you to try our CBD sport products for healing your body.






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CBD Relief Cream


We put 3000mg of some of the best Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract in a luxurious cream that nourishes your skin and helps sooth sore muscles or inflammed joints.

Our rich and creamy A, C, & E CBD Cream features a profile of nourishing natural extracts and vitamins and 3000 mg of CBD.

Our potent CBD Cream helps provide powerfull relief and feels amazing on the skin.  Packed with vitamins that will make your skin feel great.

We don’t put in any cooling or heating additives so you can truly feel the power of CBD working.






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CBD Dope Body Oil – Argan and Lavender


The DOPE CBD Oil is one of the best sellers because it is so simple and works.  The finest Moroccan argan oil packed with a broad spectrum CBD Extract and scented with lavender.

If you want to see if CBD works then try this little oil.  The argan oil is a super premium carrier oil that absorbs super fast into the skin for a non greasy feeling. The 1500 mg of broad spectrum per oz goes to work directly on the spot you put it and the lavender is an essential oil known for its calming effect.

This super luxurious oil works great on your face also as a CBD face oil of an amazing CBD beard oil.






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Dope Balm is the Bomb


Dope Balm is a CBD balm that really works.  made of our amazing CBD with high CBC, CBG and CBN it is very effective.  We packed 300 mg of our CBD in this little tude and paired it up with some powerful Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Turmeric Oil.

Dope Balm packed with CBD works unbelievable on sore muscles and areas that have inflamation.  This CBD Balm also works great on cuts, itches and scratches.

Tea Tree – Anticeptic properties
Turmeric – Anti Inflamatory
Lavender – Calming
Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract – Does what it does







CBDMedic Active Sport


This is one of the first products we ever tried with CBD and it worked amazing.  The fact that it is sponsored by Rob Grownkowski was a huge plus when we selected it to be sold on our site.  

Some of the things we like about this product is that you can really feel it working.  Even with out the CBD this product has some great ingredients that work great for recovering athletes.

If this is good enough for the legendary Rob Gronkowski and helps him recover after the beating the NFL puts on him then we know it must work.

This product come in two delivery methods the stick and a ointment.  Both have the same make up.  We prefer the stick.








Nano CBD – Single Serving (5, 10 or 50 pack)


CBD Nano Single Use is a great thing to have standing by.  You can add this to a pre-workout or recovery drink.  Just having a few in your gym bag is a great thing also.  

It is pretty handy to keeo these near by just in case you are feeling al ittle off after the monring coffe or before you get a chance to work out.  Really seems to help people calm the body and nervous system.  

The nano technology is a great delivery system for CBD and this one works instantly.  Sold in 5, 10, 50 and 100 packs.  These single service nano CBD are a worth trying.

cbd for athletes

CBD for Athletes

We have a page dedicated to CBD and athletes.  We have compiled some research on CBD and athletic performance over the years.  Check out this page for more information on CBD Athletic performance.

what is CBD image

CBD Research

SuperfineCBD.com is a great reseource for up to date articles on the science and research of CBD.  Great CBD articles aggregated in one spot.

premium CBD Skincare

CBD Skincare

If you are interested in CBD you should check out our amazing CBD skincare line.  Did you realize that the same cream or oil that you use on your face can also help sooth sore muscles and aid in athletic recovery?  Check out the CBD skincare products today
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