CBD Users Infographic

CBD Survey Infographic

Who Uses CBD?

One of the first things people always ask is who is using CBD. What are the demographics of the CBD users of your products. So we asked and we also researched. Who is using CBD and what age groups. The average age for CBD users we found was 32. There are a lot of people younger and older but the average age is 32.

Are CBD Users Men or Women?

3 in 5 of our CBD users are women.  Al ot of them are Moms and Dads

Why are people taking CBD?

Top reasons our users use CBD is anxiety, sleeplessness, pain / inflammation and relaxation.

What is the most common reason for taking CBD?

45% of our users take CBD for pain. This makes sense because CBD is known for its ability to reduce inflammation. Some people who have seen great results have used it on an injury and others on arthritic pain.

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This is an informal study taken by user polls, conversations and internet research. There is nothing scientific about the results and no claims are being made about what CBD dose. Some people report no effects and some people have great results form CBD and hemp infused products.

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