CBD and Hemp Product Labeling

CBD vs Hemp Extract On The Label

We look at labels all the time for CBD and it is confusing to us.  I can not imagine for a consumer looking at products in a store or online how they can figure out what contains what.

Probably the biggest label difference is when you see Hemp Extract and CBD.  Those are two different things but companies (For a valid reason) are putting them together.

So the main difference is that Hemp Extract contains CBD and it usually does not contain 100% CBD.  For example we use a special formula of hemp extract that contains about 50% CBD to make room for some other good stuff like CBC, CBG and CBN.

In this example in order to get 1000 mg of CBD we have to use 2000 mg of hemp extract.

Where this can get a little tricky is when you see something like 1000 mg of Hemp Extract on a label and no reference to CBD.  The reason for not putting CBD on the label is that the FDA has not issued labeling guidelines on CBD labeling and people don’t really even know if they should put the amount of CBD on the label or refer to CBD as Hemp Extract or just list the hemp extract.

… Thats confusing to write.

So basically when you see 500 mg on a bottle of hemp extract you should assume it is hemp extract and look at the company website for a lab result or reach out for more information about the actual CBD content.  It really is about 50/50 on what is labeled which way.  At RX Theory we chose to put the CBD content on the label so that people would be able to measure the exact amount of CBD they would be getting.

Type of CBD you will find on Labels and the differences


Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum hemp CBD products have the most parts of the plant including THC.  Legally hemp may contain 0.3% delta-9 THC.  The THC content is the most importation part of this labeling

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is like the full spectrum but the THC has been extracted leaving other parts of the plant in the product.  In a lot of cases this will say non detectable THC because there may be a trace show up as THC but the testing machine is not able to see how much. So basically no THC but to be technical it might have a smidge.


Isolate is only CBD with no other parts of the hemp.  Isolate is usually tasteless and does not have scent. Isolate is used a lot in creams or food products where the manufacturer does not want a color or smell in the product.  

Nano / Water Soluble

Nano is achieved by encapsulating CBD molecules making the product water soluble.  Nano or water soluble CBD is often found in drinks and can be either a full or broad spectrum. 

FDA Regulation of Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Products, Including Cannabidiol (CBD)

This is a link to the FDA website on the subject of CBD and Hemp

Leafy – How to read CBD Label 

Leafy.com is always a great resource for CBD and hemp information and their articles are always very well written and informative.

CBD Labeling and Marketing: The Straight Story

This is a great article by JDSupra.com a legal News website. It goes in to a lot of detail about cases regarding labeling with CBD and specific outcomes.

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