Hemp Flower – 100% American Farmed

High in CBD and CBG – Low or NO THC

Hemp Flower – Why is it so popular?

Hemp flower is popular because it does not contain any THC or psycho active properties and some people experience relaxing effects from smoking it.  0% TCH is what I would call the non marijuana joint.  Provides a relaxing feeling and you won’t get high.  Hemp has not been shown to be addictive and is totally legal in the United States.  The hemp we buy is all top quality and grown with Organic Practices

Hemp is classified as hemp because it has less than 0% THC .  Less than .3% to be exact. Specifically the bill regulates delta-9 THC.  Some states regulate all THC or have a formula for figuring out the specific THC.   

If you are going to smoke something smoke hemp.  It is non addictive, tastes great, provides a great feeling of relaxation.  

Hemp Cigarettes

 Hemp cigarettes are hemp flowers that are ground up and put in a cigarette style tube with a filter.  We use a machine called an injector to take the flower that we grind up and automatically push the CBD hemp flower into the tube.  It is a great way to make sure the tube gets filled all the way with the hemp flower.  

Hemp cigarettes are a great and convenient way to consume CBD or CBG.  They don’t look as crazy as the hemp joints do if you walking your dog or standing outside of your office building.

Hemp Preroll Joints and Hemp Palm leaves

Sometimes more is better.  The popularity of the CBD and CBG preroll joints has been sky rocketing.  Maybe it is the party appeal of the joint or the volume of the palm roll are the reasons for the surge in hemp preroll popularity.  No matter what though people love the hemp preroll format.

Hemp palm leaves can be pretty big cigar size.  I saw some people smoking these on the golf course.  The palm rolls are meant to smoke like a cigar, burn slow and last a while. The golf course and hemp seem to really go well together.

The CBD joints are fun to bring out at a party.  Most of the preroll are in the big club style roll with a big fat end you light and skinny filter at the bottom.  Really hits the power in the beginning and I can usually put them out and store them for a little bit then smoke the second half.


Hemp Flower – Great way to get your CBD and CBG

A lot of people really like the Hemp Flower.  People like the way it looks and the aroma.  the big dried flowers form the hemp plant can be either really dense or light and fluffy and some have a lot of crystals on them.  

For people that are into the hemp plant buying the hemp flower s the way to go.  We try and take really good pictures of our flowers so that people can really get a sense of what they are getting.


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