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Purple Kush Hemp Smokes

Purple Kush Afgani CBD Hemp is AMAZING.  No THC a bunch of CBD and terpenes that provide some great relaxation.  These are some of the best CBD smokes we have packaged.

All our hemp smokes are packed cigarette style with a full flavor filter and come in a great looking tin case that can easily be repurposed. Put a lighter, some money and a few hemp sticks in the case and go for a bike ride or walk the dog.

They are packed 10 and 20 cigarette style hemp smokes to a pack

Purple Kush Product Page

CBD Hemp Smokes
Sour space candy hemp flower


Sour Space Candy Hemp Smokes

Sour Space Candy Hemp Smokes are the best hemp CBD filtered smokes in an awesome looking reusable metal tin.

CBD Smokes are made from 100% American farmed hemp.  The Sour Space Candy Hemp terpenes really provide a nice relaxing feeling and the product has a nice light taste and smoking hemp provides a relaxing sensation.

Our Sour Space come packaged 10 or 20 per reusable tin pack.



Hemp Flower

We sell hemp flower by the 7g size and it the smae flower we use for our hemp smokes. We save the biggest flowers in the bag and save them specifically for our customers to enjoy.  Our flower is the finest industrial legal US Farm bill Complient Hemp. 

$30.00 $18.00

White Whale CBG Flower

White Whale CBG Flower is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBG.  This strain contains no THC and will not make you high.

White Whale CBG has a unique large frosty flowers that smoke as beautiful as they look. The buds are completely covered in crystals and offer a wonderful relaxation, stress free feeling while enhancing focus. It is a very unique strain and has up to 18% CBG content . 

The CBG flower is trimmed super tight and the buds are big.  

Sold by 7 gram per each

CBG FLower
Purple Kush Flower

$25.00 $19.99

Purple Kush CBD Hemp Flower

Purple Kush is a brand new strain of CBD that is a super tasty and relaxing smoke.  The CBD flower is super fragrant and looks amazing.  We had to double check the lab results. Lab results posted soon.

We package our CBD flower in 7 gram mylar pouches that arrives discreetly.  This flower looks really nice and is a really great smoke.

This Purple Kush hemp Flower is legal in all states and contains less than .3% THC.

Sold in 7 gram per each

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Get these before they are gone.  Every batch is hand packed and doesn't last long. When they are gone we all have to wait until the next batch comes in. Enjoy!