CBD in a topical product should be looked at by dose.  Products like lip balm should have more per oz than products like a body lotion.

CBD Topicals

How many mg of CBD should be in a topical hemp product?

Well there is no one dose for everyone because like all medicines you need to find your dose but let’s look at what a CBD topical dose is.

Need to break down what we are looking at by amount of CBD in the bottle and the amount of fluid oz of topical material.

A CBD balm may have 500 mg per 1 oz of products while a lotion may have 500 mg per 4 oz of product.

Both probably have about 30 applications but you use more of the lotion vs a balm on your body.

We think the dosage needs to be high because we are trying to get the CBD from on top of your skin to the CBD (CB1 and CB2) receptors in the body.

Our CBD oils come in two sizes – a 1/3 oz and a 1 oz .

1/3 oz size is in a roller ball application and is used for targeted areas so less will be applied each time.  In order to make the product effective we loaded it up with 1000 mg of CBD.

Our 1 oz CBD topical Oils come with a dropper and people are going to apply more of the product per application so we made this one with 1500 mg of CBD.

We believe that basically you should get about 30-50 mg of CBD per application.  Some people need less and some people need a little more.  We suggest trying a little and using the least amount possible to gt desired results.  Generally if it works with a little it isn’t going to work much better with a lot… But if a little doesn’t work then try more.  And then it still may just not work for you.

There are a lot of studies in animals that show it working but not a lot of human trials.  Everything we read is pretty anecdotal but we do know from what our users tell us that the CBD does help a majority of people with pain from an injury or arthritis.  Might work on you but until you try you wont really know.

Some hints on trying CBD Topicals

Use products with few ingredients – some products that have a lot of cooling or heating ingredients are tickling the nerves into feeling better but you may not be experiencing the true CBD effect.  Our CBD Body Oils are only CBD and argan as a carrier oil with a hint of lavender essential oils.  If they work it is because of the CBD.

Use 750-1000 mg or more dose per about 30 applications – From our informal non scientific trials with users on what works this seems to be the dose.  Some people work with less but if you are trying something go for the dose that seems to work for everyone and scale back as needed

What are the side effects of topical CBD?

Topical CBD products are not associated with any particular side effects. However, you could experience irritation from another ingredient in the product.  We suggest putting the CBD topical on a small area first and then trying on other areas.


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