Did you know you can make your own CBD lotions by mixing in your CBD tinctures to your face lotion or sports relief cream?  It is super easy.

How does making CBD lotion work?

First thing to do is purchase a high quality CBD tincture oil.  The RX Theory Night Time CBD Formula works amazing for a face and sports cream.

Second is to put a small amount of the cream in the palm of your hand and add a few drops of CBD oil.

Then mix it up and use it like normal

Why not put the oil directly on your face?

Well usually the CBD is mixed with MCT oil or another carrier oil and it doesn’t get absorbed easily.  By mixing the CBD oil with the lotion you get the benefits of the existing lotion absorption properties and the CBD oil gets absorbed into the skin a lot better.

Will adding CBD Oil to face cream make my face greasy?

We mix it with a variety of creams and it gets absorbed super easily and doesn’t make your face greasy.  I guess it depends on the amount you are using.  We use a few drops.

Why this works and may even be better than specialty CBD Face Cream

By mixing in your own CBD oil you can tell hw much CBD you are getting per dose.

Most people already have a cream they like.  Whether it is for a sore back or your favorite face cream.  Switching or adding a new CBD product can be a pain and expensive.  So taking a few drops on the CBD oil and adding it to a product you already like is a great alternative to make a really nice CBD cream or lotion.

Also finding a quality CBD oil is pretty easy.  There are a lot of CBD oil to choose from and the labels are generally easy to ready.

Are RX Theory product good for making CBD Cream and CBD Lotions?

Yes.  Our Night Time CBD oil and Every Day CBD Oil contains a super high amount of CBG, CBC and CBN. These elevated minor canabinoids make a real difference in the effectiveness of the products

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