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RX Theory Hemp with CBD products are carefully crafted to be the best.   Hemp extracts are not equal and RX Theory hemp products are one of a kind.  Our formula is a broad spectrum that are very high in cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN.  For information on what cannabinoids do please click here for a search cannabinoids CBD, CBG, CBD, CBN in Google 

Hemp Oil Deal

Night time and every day CBD with box

Get both best selling Hemp Oils and save money.  

  • Every Day Hemp Formula is 5 to 1 cannabinoid ratio
  • Night Time Hemp Formula is 3 to 1 cannabinoid ratio

$175.00 $149.00

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Every Day Hemp Oil

Every day with box

Every Day Hemp Oil is a broad spectrum formula made with:

  • CBD – 1050 mg
  • CBC – 40mg
  • CBG – 15 mg
  • CBN- 15 mg

$95.00 $85.00

396 in stock (can be backordered)

Night Time Hemp Oil

Night Time CBD with box

Night Time Hemp Oil is a broad spectrum formula made with:

  • CBD – 1200 mg
  • CBC – 115 mg
  • CBG – 55 mg
  • CBN – 55 mg

$115.00 $95.00

249 in stock (can be backordered)

RX Theory Topical Hemp CBD Products

RX Theory DOPE line of beauty, massage and healing CBD oils and balms feel amazing.  Made with imple high quality natural and organic ingredients they natural sooth your skin and body.

DOPE oil #1 – Argan oil, High Cannabinoid Hemp Extract, Lavender Essential Oil

Dope Oil #2 – Argan, jojoba, high Cannabinoid hemp extract, sandalwood, myrrh, rose, tumeric.

Dope Lip Balm – Multiple flavors use the same basic balm.   Beeswax, Cocoa butter, shae butter, coconut oil, high cannabinoid hemp extract and monk fruit extract.

Dope Healing Balm – Uses the same basic balm base but we add in tea tree oil, lavender, tumeric, calandra extract.

DOPE Oil #1

hemp oil iwth cbd image

DOPE oil#1 is mixture of premium argan oil that is easily absorbed into the skin.

  • 10 ml Roller Bottle – 1000 mg CBD

$34.00 $24.98

72 in stock

DOPE Lip Balm


DOPE Lip Balm is made to nourish lips and made with broad spectrum hemp extract with CBD.

  • 5 ml tube – 300 mg CBD
  • Lavender Rose Flavor

$10.00 $7.99


DOPE Healing Balm

Healing Dope Image

DOPE healing is balm made with hemp extract, tea tree oil, turmeric, and lavender.

  • 5 ml tubes with 300 mg CBD

$12.00 $7.98

89 in stock

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