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What Makes Our hemp Smokes The Best

Premium Hemp – No biomass

Our Hemp cigarettes are made premium quality flower and not shake and smalls.  Most of the hemp cigarette style smokes you buy are made from the leftover trim that no one can sell or even worse it is made from ground up hemp that should be made into an extract.

Biomass is hemp that is chopped up and includes stems and leaves and was never intended to be smoked.  Biomass is intended to be extracted and refined to make high CBD extracts and powders.

The hemp flower we use is the same hemp flower that you would buy in a local CBD shop that you might even see on display the some type you would look at under a microscope.  We use the premium hemp because it has the Trichomes or crystals and smokes amazing compared with most other filtered hemp style cigarettes.

Non Addictive – Tobacco Free

Hemp studies show it is non addictive and our filtered hemp smokes contain no tobacco.  Some people use hemp cigarettes to quit tobacco habits because they are considered non addictive and still provide a great relaxation effect.

Here is a great article that is an easy read on Is CBD Addictive  

Here is a FOX Business page on how Hemp and CBD is not addictive

Farmed in the USA

All of our premium hemp flower is farmed in the United States.  Specifically we use hemp from Oregon and Colorado.  We support the small farmers of America and have relationships with some of the best growers in the business.  Every place we buy the hemp from is either certified organic or utilizes organic practices and is awaiting organic certification.

Lab Test Everything

We lab test our hemp when we get it make sure that it is what we say it is. The hemp industry is known for its aggressive testing methods.  When was the last time a cigarette company or a vitamin manufacturer provided a test result of what is in their products. Hemp is the only product or industry that has taken farm to shelve testing analysis mainstream.  We ship test results with every pack so there is no guess work about what in the products you are getting.

Here is a link to test results on smokable hemp products 

Hemp Smokes, Prerolls and Flower

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