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Hemp CBD Products

Our expertly refined cannabinoid formula includes ultra pure CBD and minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBG and CBN.  Our Hemp CBD products contain No THC and are designed to be effective tools for your body and work directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) .

Scientific From Extraction To Manufacturing

Our Hemp CBD is sourced and formulated in an amazing lab located in Colorado. Our Hemp CBD products are developed and produced in one of the highest rated supplement manufacturers in the country.  We test everything at creation, manufacturing and before it leaves. We have the ability to trace our products from seed to shelf.  Proudly manufactured in Texas from hemp grown in the USA.

Types of hemp you will find on labels

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum hemp CBD products have the most parts of the plant including THC.  Legally hemp may contain 0.3% THC.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is like the full spectrum but the THC has been extracted leaving other parts of the plant in the product.


Isolate is only CBD with no other parts of the hemp.  Isolate is usually tasteless and does not have scent.


Nano ecapsulates CBD molecules making it water soluable.  Nano is often found in drinks and beauty products. 

Hemp and CBD Information

Information about Hemp, CBD, Nutrition and Health

Does CBD hemp have THC
Hemp CBD for Pets
What is CBD
Hemp CBD Crypto

Buy CBD With Crypto

Find out how you are able to purchase products from our website with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency


What Are CBN, CBG and CBC

Find out about these other amazing parts of the hemp plant and why we include them in our hemp CBD Formulas.

Hemp CBD for athletes

How Are Athletes Using CBD

Discover the ways athletes are using CBD to manage pain.  Did you know it is approved by almost every sports regulatory body as a safe treatment of pain.

Product Testing

Our products are tested a lot.  We test the product when it is extracted for pesticides and heavy metals to ensure we have only the purest and cleanest products.  We test it again after it is formulated into a product to ensure there is nothing that could contaiminate the product before it it goes into the bottle. Then we test the product after it is packaged to make sure it is what we say it is.  We follow strict manufacturing proceedures including GMP, FDA, SQF.

Is Hemp Legal

The Farm Bill in 2018  allowed for the sale of hemp products in the United States. New guidelines have followed and further defined that is legal to transport and sell products accross the united states.  Some states regulate the amount of THC allowed in products and products with over 0.3% THC are still illegal and not covered in the farm bill.

RX Theory Formula

RX Theory products contain the some of the cleanest hemp extract that is free of pesticides and heavy metals.  We only use hemp cultivated in the USA.
Our products contain no THC.

Our propietary extraction process creates a very pure product and what is left is CBD and a high content of CBG, CBN and CBC.

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