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Expertly refined hemp formulas create the Best CBD Products available.  RX Theory hemp products are formulated by PHD Scientists and include ultra pure extracts high in cannabinoids including CBD and high levels of CBC, CBG and CBN.  RX Theory Super Premium Hemp products contain are a broad spectrum and contain no detectable THC. Read more about our mission to make the Best CBD Products on our about us page .

Every day and night time CBD with boxes

Hemp Oil Combo

Get the very best Every Day and Night Time Hemp with CBD formula.  Start and finish your day like feeling like you should!

Every day CBD

Every Day Formula

Our Every Day hemp with CBD formula is made for quick stress relief and as a daily supplement. Start your day right!

Night Time CBD with box

Night Time Formula

Our Night Time Hemp with CBD formula is made for relaxation. Great for people that like to take hemp with CBD before bed.

Premium Hemp Flower

Ultra premium CBD and CBG Hemp flower available at wholesale or below pricing.  100% American Farmed premium (Biggest Buds) Hemp.

100% American Farmed Hemp

We support American Farmers and 100% of RX Theory products are produced from hemp grown in the United State using organic practices. We lab test everything and verify our products are free from any harmful ingredients and are exactly what we say they are…  The Best CBD Oil that is Clean Pure and Effective.

purple kush cbd cigarettes image

Purple Kush Hemp

Super premium hemp flower hand packed with a filter.  These are full of great CBD and terpenes for a super smoke. 

Sour space candy hemp flower

Space Candy Hemp

Great strain of premium hemp with CBD.  These filtered hemp smokes have a great taste and a relaxing sensation.

CBG Hemp flower image

White Whale Hemp

White Whale Hemp is all CBG.   This hemp strain gives you great relaxed yet focused feeling.  We sell these as 5 Preroll per pack.

Shop CBD Products

Check out our great collection of hemp products with CBD available in our CBD store.  We have tried them all and can honestly say we think they are the Best CBD Products and they have worked for us and our pets.

CBD lab testing image

Lab Tested, GMP and FDA

A lot of work goes into to creating a facility that is certified GMP, FDA audited and EU Certified. By working with the highest quality facilities we ensure that we create an amazing products that are unlike anything other CBD product on the market.

quality hemp image

Only CBD Of Its Kind

Our CBD is unlike any other product anywhere.  Our proprietary blend of all natural hemp extracts is exclusive to RX Theory.  We worked with PHD scientists and medical doctors to create this special blend.  No one in the marketplace has this blend of hemp extracts to include CBC, CBG and CBN.

Super CBD image


CBD is not the only cannabinoid that helps your body.  RX Theory formula is high in CBG, CBN and CBC. The combination of these other cannabinoids increase the effectiveness of the product so we call it a Super Spectrum Profile.

CBD Articles and Information

Find out about CBD and the many ways people use CBD today.  We put together a collection of short articles and links to CBD information from online sources we trust.

make CBD cosmetics image
cbd athlete recovery image

CBD For Athletes

When you train hard you need to recover so you can train harder.  When you see celebrity endorsements for a CBD company they are usually athletes telling how CBD helps them recover or manage pain.  Our CBD is Clean Pure and Effective formula is great for athletes who want to make sure of what they are taking.

what is CBD image

CBD Information

We read a lot of articles regarding CBD research and CBD products.  We thought we might as well start sharing our best bookmarks about CBD.  We will keep adding new CBD info and articles here as we find them.  start here is you are looking for information on CBD.

super spectrum cbd image

Super Spectrum CBD

The process starts with some amazing Colorado grown hemp from which pure oils are extracted using a propietary method.  We then take the extractions to an FDA, cGMP, Over The Counter(OTC) laboratory and develop a clean and pure CBD formula that is super high in CBG, CBC, CBN and is amazingly effective.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum hemp CBD products have the most parts of the plant including THC.  Legally hemp may contain 0.3% THC.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is like the full spectrum but the THC has been extracted leaving other parts of the plant in the product.


Nano ecapsulates CBD molecules making it water soluable.  Nano is often found in drinks and can be either a full or borad spectrum. 


Isolate is only CBD with no other parts of the hemp.  Isolate is usually tasteless and does not have scent.

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