RX Theory Mission

Create and sell clean pure and effective hemp derived products that are made with the finest ingredients and follow strict quality controls. 

How We Accomplish Our Mission

RX Theory is a place where customers are able to learn and purchase upscale CBD Products that we create and also by other upscale vendors.  Products are focused on Beauty, Wellness and Pain Management. Wholesale products as well as an RX Theory Brand are available.

CBD is quickly becoming a buzz word in the cosmetic and beauty industry and products are showing up in major retailers. Not many consumers are educated and many do not know what to purchase or what the differences are. RX Theory is a place where customers are able to purchase hemp CBD products that have been extensively vetted and researched.

RX Theory works to ensure the best and highest quality CBD products are available to the consumer. By researching and talking to vendors about manufacturing ingredients and techniques RX Theory customers can be assured they are getting a quality product when they purchase CBD from RX Theory


CBD Products

How RX Theory Products are Different

We constantly research different parts of the cannabis plant and incorporate them in our product development process.  Our CBD Hemp Oils, Lip Dope, Face Dope and Healing Dope stand out from other products beucase they use a special CBD formula that is very high in cannabinoids and still does not contain any detectable THC.

The use of minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC in addition to CBD has some really great effects and we formulate these cannabinoids in high amounts to create some very effective products.

Our Hemp Flower products are sourced from some of the best farmers in the united states. Everything is 100% American Farmed Hemp.  We hand role our hemp cigarettes and our CBD joints.

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